Underground Research Facility

The crew of the Heinlein interrupted a corporate spy that had gained access to the ship while they were at a tavern in the Barnett Starport.  Their visit to the starport was cut short when elements from a crime syndicate decided to use the tavern as a location to conduct an execution.  The crew returned back to the ship early only to discover the agent going thru their files on Maikaguun III.  He seemed to have been particularly interested in the above island.

On their next trip out to Maikaguun they visited this island – in particular the unnaturally straight river on the western side.  The river turned out to be a flooded and deteriorated subway that lead from the ruins of a destroyed structure on the coast across the plains and underneath a mountain in the center of the island.  The crew used the submersive capabilities of their ATV to travel thru the subway under the mountain where they found a platform and a sealed door.  


After gaining admittance they explored this facility and found that a number of artifacts.  The base had been built by a race they believe to be called Humaniti.  There they scientists had conducted research remotely using robots controlled from the destroyed coastal villa.  The research was focused on attempting to reverse engineer artifacts discovered elsewhere in the system which where built by a terrifically advanced race that they referred to as the Ancients.  At some point the scientists were ordered to destroy their work and return their home for reasons unexplained.  They must have disobeyed those ordered, at least in part, leaving behind this underground facility.

The main level contained 8 work rooms (bottom right) connected to a storage room full of part (center right).  The far right room was a sealed vault  where most of the artifacts were found.  The left side of the facility contained a reactor, computer workstations, and charging pads for the robots.  A small lift in the room leads to a level with mechanicals below.  A large tram/lift on the top right leads thru tunnels running kilometers into the mountain.

Reactor and mechanicals room service the facility.  The lift found on the left side of the room opens below into a large carved out cavern.  There were apparently plans to expand the facility but the base was abandonned prior to work being completed.

A long tunnel leads from the bottom two floors deep into the upper layers of the mountain.  Their they found a large hanger embedded in the mountain.  The top of the mountain is able to opened, allowing ships in and out as needed.  A heavy fighter was found partially disassembled along with other equipment.

Underground Research Facility

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