The Maikaguun system is beyond the frontier and has yet to be fully explored.  Ultra Prime Concepts (UPC) has recently purchased Agricultural Rights to Maikaguun III in an effort to solve the issues with food shortages on Barnett  

Maikaguun III:

The crew of the Heinlein was recently contracted to conduct an agricultural survey.  They found the plains to be ideal for farming.  Above Optimum.  Analysis:


The plains are about as ideal for farming as they could get.  Above Optimum.
P – 55
K – 180
Zn – 8
Nitrate Nitrogen – 45
pH – 6.5
Organic Matter – ranges from 3-7%
Thin layer of Iridium where ever they test.  Estimated 10,000 years prior

A small ongoing research base was then constructed there on behalf of UPC to continue the work.

The crew encountered a few hostile indigenous species.  Erik Erikson completed a full medical evaluation of those species and logged the following in his report:

Armored Chicken:  Feathers with sharp bony exoskelton.  Bright blooms on head/tail.  Very sharp beaks.  2.5 feet tall.

Pack of D6.  Generally passive.  All will attack same aggressor if possible.

HP:  11, Armor 1.

Pecking Attack.  AP2.  D6.  Hits on  7+

Exoskelton can redirect D3 damage back at unarmed attacker

Giant Mosquito:  Will attack anything alive.  Hunt alone but plentiful.

4 HP.  No armor

D3 damage + unconsious

Stings on a 6+

Flying gives players -2 to hit.

The crew also found the remains of a much older civilization which led them to later discover a secret Underground Research Facility that had been constructed and then abanonded by some alien species thousands of years prior.  To date, they have not revealed the location of facility to any outside parties.



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