Size:  .24 g
Atmosphere:  Very Thin, Tainted, requires filter mask, respirator
Hydrosphere:  70% hydrazine, ammonia
Population:  ~83 (permanent)
Government:  Feudal Corpocracy.  
Law Level:  Fully Automatic prohibited
Tech Level:  n/a – no manfucturing in this system.

Lagar is home to a 'fluffy Jupiter'.  The sole planet in the system is a gas giant measuring approximately 150,000 miles in diameter with a mass similar to that of Jupiter.  It's wide, oblong orbit suggests that it was most likely captured by the host star whilst roaming as a free body – ejecting or absorbing whatever other bodies may have been present at the time.  The planet is home to one larger moon with a thin atmosphere and dozens of smaller moons which were likely captured asteroids.  The moon is orbited by a very small space station which operates a mining facility on the planets surface remotely.  Occasionally, maintenance staff may spend a few weeks planetside, but they tend live on the station. 

The system is governed by the Knightship of Michaels and Michaels.  M&M operates a skimmer operation at the gas giant and typically sell processed fuel direct.


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