Anderson and Felix Shipbuilders Company

>>>>> "Giving you the Stars" 

Board of Directors:  Atarya Lenkova, Kendrick Paulsen, Britt Hyland, Mura Haru




54.9 TCr

29.1 TCr

15.4 TCr

Logo Features: A circle of interconnected stars

Major Subdivisions:  Hull manufacture, J-Drive manufacturing, M-Drive manufacturing

Owned Subsidiaries:   Applied Metals Inc, The Rockhounds Corporation, Click and Clack Drive Brothers Inc

History:  Founded over a century ago, AFSC is the largest ship builder in the sector.  They came to prominence after inventing a heat dissipation flagrion which significantly reduced ongoing maintenance costs on jump engines.  AFCS maintain shipyards in several key systems with their primary facility being located in LATEXO.  They are major recipients of contracts with the Navy.  


Anderson and Felix Shipbuilders Company

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