Size:  .88g
Atmosphere:  Dense, breathable
Hydrosphere:  70%
Population:  9000
Government: Democracy
Law Level:  Machine guns, automatic rifles prohibited
Tech Level:  5

2 Gas Giants, 0 Planetoid Belts, 11 other worlds

Low Population, Garden World

No Starport.

Planet is teaming with life.  Most of the land masses are covered with dense jungle and forest.  A small walled town is located on the largest continent.  While it is only TL5 at present, it was accustomed to much more advanced technology with some of those remanence still present.

The town was founded by a group from a university in the Third Imperium.  The original inhabitants formed the colony to research  some ruins that were believed to have been built by The Ancients.  At some time, in the previous century, supply ships stopped coming and the town had to rely on what they had available locally.

There are untold millions of species on this planet.  The alpha predator is known as a vlard.  A vlard is exceptionally dangerous, however normally they prefer to hunt alone.  Males do not typically tolerate the presence of other males, their population levels are kept in check by competition.  


Speed 12m

100 hits

Armor 10
Melee 3
Jaws:  7D
Claws: 2D
Tail:  3D + stun, Concussive acts as 1D of AP

Mayor:  Gydrra Roy
Constable:  Hunter Jordan
Academic:  Saga Jordan
Guard:  Ranjit Erato


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