Size:  .85g
Atmosphere:  Standard
Hydrosphere:  100%
Population:  600,000
Government:  Oligarchy
Law Level:  Personal Concealable weapons prohibited
Tech Level:  Jump 1, Gravitic Tech

0 Gas Giants, 1 Planetoid Belts

Population:  1.6 million


The goldilocks planet is a waterworld and is lightly populated.  Much of the atmosphere is covered in clouds.  There are a a few scattered islands.  Most of them, however are either extremely mountainous or located near the poles.  Most residents of the world live in floating cities operated by various oligarchies.  Residents do not see the sun often, when it peers through the cloud cover, a recreational cycle is declared and all work comes to a halt.  There are dozens of cities of varying sizes ranging from 5000 to 100,000 citizens.  The largest city is located on the world's only decently sized habital island – it also hosts a small, not oft used starport.  People are free to move from one city to another.   Most of the citizens either work for the city/city operations.  They occasionally see space traffic from traders in nearby sectors but not often.  TL11 but largely just produce parts needed to maintain the cities.  No interstellar craft being produced (anymore) but they do maintain a series of orbital weapons platforms.  There are a handful of intrasystem craft utilized for mining mineral assets.  Most, but not all, are unmanned and look pretty old.

Orbital:  Class A/C.  Fuel available for sale.  More advanced highport functions are closed.  Shipyards look like they had taken extensive damage at some point.  There appears to be an effort to repair them…a very small effort.  Based on the damage, and the crew they see working, it may take a decade or more.  The rest of the Orbital is functional.  It's small, relatively spartan.  The promenade clean and tidy but is mostly closed up shops.  There is one open business, a sign above says it is called Orange Julius.  There is a waiting area next to a shuttle dock which will ferry people to the low port.  A sign over a large, irregularly lit hallway indicates that it leads to industrial docks. 

Roz 'al Poole, Importer/Exporter.  "Businesss Man"
Victor von Duil, Flesh Peddler
Daueroon Gyra, Comedian
Cyris Haddad, Planetary Security Officer.  A little too familiar with powerfists.


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