The Network

Session 7

Intro to Slug and Tomi

GM Recap

Tomi and Slug have just arrived in Udibi aboard Slug's scout vessel, The Naughtia.  They had been contracted for a special courier job in which speed was of the utmost importance.  Having completed their mission, they are unwinding a the lounge on board the Alkatraz where they met Ashley Madison.  After some conversations about current events, all three are summoned to the office of Lt. Asha Loo.  Lt. Loo hands Tomi and Slug encrypted orders from the Scout service:


Due to the imminent threat to the security of the sector, your vessel is being recalled to active duty.   As you have already retired, you will be granted hazard pay at twice the normal rate:  24,000 / month.

In four weeks time, representatives of the largest systems of The Network will be meeting in Barnett to determine how to deal with the military threat that CAIN now poses to our civilization.  CAIN has, for many months now, been waltzing through territory unopposed.  An eighth of the sector has already been compromised and that figure continues to grow daily.  The crew of the Heinlein has provided BVP with technology which could at least slow the rapid expansion of infested systems.  Unfortunately, manufacturing this technology and installing it in our fleets will require time.  Time which we do not have.  To make matters worse, this technology will provide no aid defeating the infested fleet under CAIN's command.

We desperately need intel.   How, precisely, this virus is spreading?  What is the composition of the infested forces?  How are these forces moving? 

The Kimudkagi System, which neighbors the compromised system of An Ting, is likely to be targeted soon.  Due to that system's limited value, we do not believe CAIN will make much of an investment in it's capture, if any.  Proceed to the Kimudkagi System.  Conduct reconnaissance, deliver the data to Barnett in advance of the summit.  To aid in your mission, your ship is being outfitted with Stealth technology designed to make your detection very difficult. 


Lt Loo goes on to say that they have an unregistered listening outpost in the system.  She recommends that they visit this outpost and pull whatever data is available – it should be relatively safe regardless of the disposition of the space station and planet.  She recommends that they bring along the renowned Investigative Journalist, Ashley Madison, to assist in endeavors.

The crew makes the jump to the Lagar System and is able to expertly come into the system immediately adjacent to the listening outpost.  They are able to extract the data from the outpost and learn that an infected freighter had entered the system a week prior.  It docked with the space station and shortly thereafter a massive explosion disabled both the space station as well as the freighter.  Both are currently powered down and exposed to vacuum.

After some debate they decide to quite while they are ahead and set course for Barnett.  Sadly, they lack the fuel for the jump and are forced to head toward the station which is essentially a fuel depot for the mining operations in the system.

The crew docks with the space station, which is built into a large asteroid, on the far side as the infected ship.  Slug and Ashley head into the station to try and work out how to pump some fuel into the ship.  They determine that the best course of action would be to travel several miles down corridors to command and control with the hope of getting the reactor turned on.  Meanwhile, Tomi temporarily removes the pump the captain's latrine and one of the batteries from the life support system and uses this to refuel the ship.  Oblivious, Slug and Ashley try but fail to activate the reactor.  Tomi let's the off the hook and the trio agree to meet at the infected ship.

The crew enters through a gaping hole in the cargo section and salvages a few random crates to help pay the bills.  They proceed through the ship to find the ships computer core with the intention of physically removing it.  They encounter an infected astromech on the bridge but are able to dispatch it with a well placed shot from Slug's laser carbine.  Carefully removing the computer core, they head back to the Naughtia and set course for Barnett.

During the jump back to Barnett, they determine that the salvage from the infested ship included 12 units of TL12 Neural Comms and 29 tons of illegal drugs. 




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