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Session 10

GM Recap

As The Heinlein enters the system, the first thing they notice is the line of ships waiting to refuel at Michaels and Michaels  They set course for the skimmer and broadcast a propaganda package prepared in advance by Ashley and Slug.  The journey in from the jump location takes 1.2 days.  During this time, Tomi is able to intercept communications chatter from refugees waiting to fuel up at skimming operation.  The talk is as expected – they can't wait to leave this system after what they witnessed in Glengarry.

Tomi also makes note of an additional vessel docked to the operations space station: a mobile factory owned by Dark Sun Equipment Rentals.  As they approach they can determine that a steady stream of mining drones is bringing in raw materials as the ship appears to be cranking out 1000 ton fuel bladders.  Captain Jonio Jamill indicates that he has been subcontracted by Michaels and Michaels to build these bladders.   He is quite anxious to complete his job and be on his way.

The Heinlein makes contact with the CEO of Michaels and Michaels, Sir Sammel Brownback.  At first, he is completely uninterested in vacating his family's operation.  Several months ago he had taken on a fuel contract with Cain for the Navy and it was almost due.  The operation will be in the black for the first time in years.  The orbit of the gas giant is littered with fuel bladders for this contract.   After some extremely smooth talking and wild promises, he ultimately relents.  The crew docks with the station and signs paperwork guaranteeing the corporation in the event of any financial losses.

The mining drones are set to start puncturing the fuel bladders, allowing them to leak their loads into space.  The crew retrieves some cargo from the space station and arranges for most of the staff on the space station to be frozen and transported back to Barnett by Dark Sun Equipment Rentals.   The CEO and his attorney are given crew accommodations on board the Heinlein.

Once the station is evacuated, Sir Brownback programs the colony ship to gently push the station into the gas giant.  As they are pulling away and turning their attention to the moon, Tomi makes note of a new sensor contact – it's a scout vessel, similar to the one she and Slug had been traveling in…


So this crew decided to take the “job” (they keep calling it a job, but it doesn’t pay), and we headed to Lagar to 1) evacuate the population (an extensive 82 people, mostly blue collar folks peppered with the ubiquitous bigwigs who make money off them) and 2) make short work of all fueling possibilities in the efforts to thwart CAINE and his Plan To Take Over The Known Universe.

Ashely can be ok sometimes, I guess. She did some research on the main company Michaels and Michaels and their CEO dude Brombeck. From what I could tell looking over her shoulder, we could negotiate all we want but that guy doesn’t seem like the type to take anyone else’s advice if it doesn’t come with a direct payoff. She also didn’t seem to notice that there’s another operation in the system called Carmichael Enterprises. I figured she would have told the crew if it was an important detail.

So Ashley makes this poppy bubble gum and impending doom video that was actually kind of awesome. I guess. But Brombeck didn’t like it. So we started promising stuff that we know we can’t deliver – compensation for any losses he’ll make by abandoning Lagar (no accounting for the fact he’d die and lose everything if he stayed), a sweet relocation package for his operations, comfortable passage for about 20 people, and probably some other stuff. They had all the admin-types put in the big words and binding (and nonbinding) phrases. Beyond all predictable outcomes, Brombeck signed the damned thing!

Ok, so now we have this muckety muck on our ship and he’s expecting that the Federation is going to relocate him and give him tons of money. Daphne, Slug, and well most of the crew is talking about icing the passengers (like freezing), then really icing them (like dead). Probably the best option, I guess.

So we were trying to destroy that old fashioned colony ship-gone-skimmer when Slug found a shit-ton of luxury goods. We’ll be taking those along with us and see what we can get. Maybe we can pay off the blue collars … I kind of like those guys … just kill the ones in charge.

So we push the big ship into the big gassy planet, but don’t have time to see the epic explosion (if any). And we’re about to leave when I’m like, but what about that other company? (oops) So we talk to them, and they are all sorts of “Yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here, you don’t have to ask us twice” because they’d seen all the people from other star systems beating feet to get out of CAINE’s way. So that was an easier job, except that these guys had actually been making travel fuel bladders for a contract … for CAINE!

Well time’s running out. These bladders have some holes in them and are leaking fuel and we can keep shooting them I guess, but there’s a bunch of them, and CAINE’s on his way and we’re doing pretty poorly on the 2nd part of the mission (which was the most important actually). Honestly, if anyone were to ask me (but who would?), I would say this is cutting it close.

Session 10

Ashley Madison Professional Investigative Journalist

Reporting Notes – Lagar

A Moral Conundrum

A rag-tag bunch of heroes sent on a mission (q. why not official experts? Is the gang set up for betrayal?) to evacuate and render useless a vital strategic re-fueling depot in the Lagar system. System is a backwater nothing, but with intel re: CAIN virus capabilities destruction may delay expansion significantly.

Because we are the good guys we also try, and succeed, in evacuating the crew. There’s a big station with 82 human lives at stake, and some ships re-fueling and trying to leave before CAIN arrives.

A thorough and persuasive public information is holo is produced and broadcast to the system upon entry. It works really well for most of the system, but the greedy CEO of the station doesn’t want to believe because…money.

This reporter feels the weight of responsibility greatly. As the only one of the rag-tag bunch of heroes with the ability to talk to real humans in a reasonable manner the consequence of lives weighs heavily. The loving emotion, charismatic delivery, and intellectual rigor of this reporter’s empassioned speech reaches through to his cold heart. A meeting takes place, and herein lies the moral dilemma.

The CEO (coincidentally named after ancient myths of a devil, and a corruption of a term for the root of all evil? Nice AM) at the meeting still resists leaving in delusional hope to receive money from CAIN. The only way to convince him is to skirt the very edges of the truth. Devil Money needs a convincing reason to believe he will recoup his losses. This reporter, a licensed Advocate, Astrogator, Diplomat, and yachting enthusiast does not strictly have such an authority in explicit legal terms. This reporter is faced with the moral dilemma, the loss of human lives, perhaps billions, against the betrayal of her own principles, that of unshakeable honesty.

This reporter chooses life, and will have to live with that guilt of minor obfuscation for the rest of her life. A contract is given out guaranteeing the reimbursement of all losses by the corporations who have sent us on this mission. The owners of the Heinlein, showing their moral heroism in direct contrast the CEO of the station, agree unanimously and immediately to use their very livelihood to back up this contract. They truly are heroes. The CEO is convinced.

This reporter takes comfort in the knowledge that for these corporations sticking to this contract will be insignificant in financial terms. If they have any moral backbone at all they will honor this contract. Or, of course, they can hold it up in court forever. Or they can easily present a case in which the recuperable losses are zero as CAIN would have taken complete control. To an extent the honesty of this reporter is transferred to these corporations.

Then there was some technical stuff that evacuated the system and rendered the station useless for fuel disbursement. There were robots involved and a ship crash (caught on holo, v. useful) for which we can get one of the gang to explain. they also managed to do some salvage work while there. A surprisingly resourceful group of individuals which one would not expect from their exteriors. One should not judge a book by its blurb.

Samael Greenback and a flunkey are in a cabin on the Heinlein and can be locked in there and sedated for everyone’s protection if necessary.

This reporter is honored to be a part of this rag-tag bunch of heroes, who may have saved humanity, and is joyfully putting together a report for the people.

Session 10

People just leave shit around for the taking, what’s up with that? First 28 tons of space coke, now 70+ tons of watches and gucci type shit. Although, we were only able to store 44 TONS of it – lol.

Pretty eventful week beyond just the loot. Ashley used me as an authority figure for our awesome propoganda film – it made me nostalgic of my days as a proper Scout. We were fed that type of stuff as often as food. It didn’t work, but hey – it was still pretty nice.

Tomi is really turning out to be quite useful, and Ashley’s ability to pull to wool over people’s eyes is really something. Fenton and Daphne are growing on me as well, but I’m really starting to wonder about the captain, if you can call a warhammer playing archaeologist a captain.

I’m off to polish Svetlana, just in case.

Session 10

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