The campaign begins in a sector known as The Network. The Network is a feudal corporate heirarchy which is run by an AI known as CAIN – Central Artificial Intelligence Network. Times are a boomin in The Network.  Profits have been explosive, fueled by exponential growth as the sector has gone from Technology Level (TL) 11 to TL 13 over the course of a mere 50 years. Most citizens do so well in this time of unprecedented prosperity, that they overlook the rampant organized crime, which has become prevalent.

CAIN maintains the overall security of the sector thru a tax on interstellar commerce which is used to fund the Army, Marines, and Navy.  CAIN also controls the economic engine of the sector by running Exchanges, Banks, etc.

CAIN will assign feudal style leaders of each system based on a number of factors.  Often, these feudal lords are corporations, but they maybe also be wealthy families.  Feudal lordships may be revoked should economic outputs fail to consistently meet targets or should populous happiness quotients fall below acceptable levels.

Feudal lords typically subcontract works to smaller more specialized corporations, who in turn do the same – thus forming the layers of government.  Feudal lords are largely left to their own accords provided they meet CAIN’s economic goals as well as meeting the basic needs of the populous.  These broad guidelines often result in vastly different experiences from system to system.

CAIN will also lease out mineral rights to resources inside of it’s patrol perimeters.  Large companies may typically lease these rights near major trade and patrol routes, setting up large colonies over which they become the defacto Lords.  Smaller companies and even family co-ops may opt lease rights on a much smaller scale – belts, small moons, etc.  Some even setup rogue operations.  While these rogue operations are extremely profitable, they can also be quite dangerous.

Note:  There are no Psionics in this universe.  The people of The Network have yet to establish contact with any sentient alien species.  It is the 79th year of CAIN.  Little is known about the history of the sector prior to CAIN, much of that data has been lost, deleted, or classified by CAIN.