Ultra Prime Concepts (UPC)

>>>>> "You Deserve a Wonderful Galaxy"

Board of Directors: Sharon Jackson, David Abe, Tao Liang, Edward Tyler, Quan Wang, Alana Van Straten




36.1 TCr

30 TCr

23.7 TCr

Logo Features: Turqoise hexagon

Major Subdivisions: Shipyards, Pharmaceuticals

Owned Subsidiaries: Cook Computer Hardware, Baker-Thomas Syndicate, Omniwide-Overfarer Union

History: The company was founded 480 years ago by Allan Yang. At the time, its main business was law enforcement, with 36 employees headquartered in a well-maintained office. The company's first main breakthrough was figuring out a method to harmonise a astrophysical nadion configuration.

Current Status:  Lordship of a system located in BARNETT of the sector with a class 10 world (50 billion), in addition to several heavily populated planetoids and moons.  The corporation is paying a premium to import food stuffs from neighboring systems.  Recently awarded Agricultural rights to several planets beyond the fringe.  They plan to establish an Agricultural colony there.  Colonization time table/projections should enable them to realize food independence within 25 years.

The corporation also runs shipbuilding facilities all over the sector with generous Navy contracts.  They are top tier corporation in turns of power and wealth with lordships awarded throughout the system.

Ultra Prime Concepts (UPC)

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