Transbeam Incorporated


>>>>> "You Deserve a Safer Tomorrow"

Board of Directors: Hong Wood, Sean Li, Luke Yamasaki, Edgar Saito, Yi Yang




4.52 BCr

9.36 BCr

6.31 BCr

Logo Features: Grey missile

Major Subdivisions: Personal Defense Weapons, Robotics, Personal Defense Armor

Owned Subsidiaries: Huang-Gurov Incorporated

History: The company was founded 72 years ago by James Harris. At the time, its main business was Law Enforcement Stunners, with 3 employees headquartered in an upper class office.  Since that time, the company has come to be the largest single producer of personal defense weapons in the sector.  The company is also major producer of Urban Pacification Police Robots, and Centurions.

Notes: There is a rumor that the company was really founded by a criminal organisation.

Transbeam Incorporated

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