Blue text indicates players are Travelling.  1 week of education has occurred.  The calendar in The Network uses a YY.MM.DD format.  There are 28 days in a month, 12 months in a year.

NC – Network Calendar
CE – Common Era in the Terran Calendar
3I – Third Imperium Calendar

~ -300,000+ 3I – Civilization known as The Ancients deconstruct a large planet in Maikaguun and rebuild it into two smaller custom planets for reasons unknown.  Ancients also seed this region of space with human stock sourced from Terra.  

-9235 3I Vilani Discover the Jump Drive

-4045 3I Grand Empire of the Stars, aka The First Imperium is founded

-3000 3I The First Empire is in decline

-2242 3I Vilani make first contact with the Terran Confederation

-2204 3I – Founding of the Rule of Man, aka The Second Imperium

~ -3000 NC – Terran Vessel establishes secret research base in Maikaguun to study site built by the Ancients.  Logs indicate they were attempting to find a solution for 'The Doom' facing 'The Rule of Man'.  Time stamps indicate this occurred in 2729 CE by their calendar.  Ships point of origin was noted as Research Station Delta in the Lannor System (Old Expanses Sector).

- 2956 NC / -1776 – Zero 3I - The Long Night

- 1180 NC / Year 1 3I - Third Imperium Established

Year 1 NC – Cain appears in the Sector now called The Network from origins unknown.  She rapidly builds an interstellar Federal government from several overpopulated planets

Year 3 NC – The Great Redistribution – A massive project to start new colony worlds in The Network begins.  The Great Redistribution was the catalyst that saw a huge explosion in science and productivity.  Not much is really remembered from the time itself or prior – things were quite chaotic as the culture shifted and great migrations of people set off for the stars. 

Year 9 NC – Mobile Hospital owned by Capt Phillip Adams, bound for the new colony of Arurshim, misjumps and is marooned in Ghana

Sell lab ship at Joe's Starship Barn in Barnett.  Buy used Corvette from Navy Suprlus.  Met with Director Alana.  Accept contract to do planetary survey of Maikaguun III.

Jump from Barnett to Marshdale

Jump from Marshdale to Udibi

Passive encounter with BVP patrol.  Talked way of out trouble

Jump from Udibi to Arurshim

Fuel purchased in Arurshim

Scientists and equipment loaded onto the Heinlein.  Ashley Madison meets bartender named Stretch McGee – learns the story of Jaqueline Q

Jump from Arurshim to Maikaguun

Arrive at Maikaguun III.  Conduct survey, setup research base for scientists.

Jump from Maikaguun to Arurshim

Arrive at Arurshim.  The Jaqueline Q Incident

Jump from Arurshim to Udibi

Jump from Udibi to Marshdale

Jump from Marshdale to Barnett

Unbenownst to crew Sastana is assaulted by CAIN controlled ships

Players Arrive at Barnett.  Cargo is loaded for next UPC Contract.  Players find a corporate spy onboard the Heinlein.  Ein the robocorgi saves the day while the players hide behind fortified bulkheads.

Jump from Barnett to Marshdale

Jump from Marshdale to Udibi

Scout Service in Mashdale learns of CAIN assault​​​

Jump from Udibi to Arurshim

Scout Service in Barnett learns of CAIN assault​​​​​

Unbenownst to players, CAINs Kah-Wak Subsectorphase begins.

Jump from Arurshim to Maikaguun

Players arrive at Maikaguun III.  Leave first delivery of supplies and livestock with scientists.  Explore secret underground research facility.

Jump from Maikaguun to Arurshim

Players Arrive Arurshim, purchase reactor parts

Jump from Arurshim to Maikaguun

Players arrive back at Maikaguun III underground base.  Spend next 6 days restoring power to the reactor

News of CAIN assaults become public in Barnett

Jump from Maikaguun to Arurshim

Player badly screw up refueling approach to gas giant.  Spend several days doing course corrections.  Players learn that much of the common folk have evacuated the system.  Highborn types don't seem to know what is going on.

Jump from Arurshim to Udibi

Players encountered vessel infected with virus.  Rescue to crew who have been stranded aboard. Captured/met with BVP –  strike deal  at The Alkatraz for technology

The Naughtia
jumps from Udibi to Kimudkagi

The Naughtia makes contact with listening post, docks with space station, boards infected freighter, retrieves data core,

The Naughtia Arrives in Barnett from Kimudkagi

The Heinlein arrives in Barnett

Meeting occurs with between delegation from the major corporations in this region of the sector to discuss the Viral threat.

Installation of the biocomputer into the Heinlein is completed.  Heinlein is 'voluntold' they were to leave immediately for Lagar with order to evacuate the system and destroy any and all fuel processessing equipment.

Heinlein arrives in Lagar

Heinlein arrives at Skimming operation, negotiations deal

Heinlein engages  and destroys a scout vessel before proceeding on to the first moon of Lagar 1, Moon 1.  Ship takes heavy damage attempting to approach moon.  Opts too land beyond the horizon and drive over in an ATV where it engages and destroys a mining operation.

Heinlein witnesses a Corporate Federation Missile Cruiser engage a Viral Fleet before it jumps for Barnett.  Advance of CAINs forces stopped at Lagar.  A Corporate Federation is formed to defend the rimward areas of Network Sector.  The war becomes cold, with only small skirmishes occurring.   Letters of Marquee are now being granted for sanctioned piracy into CAIN controlled systems to scavenge supplies and rescue people.  All industry throughout the Sector is regeared to the war effort.

Heinlein arrives in Barnett.

Slug issued replacement scout ship in exchange for taking on mission.  The Greenbeard leaves for Udibi after spending 3 weeks of in Barnett outfitting the new ship.  2 weeks of training awarded while they wait on deliveries.

Greenbeard misjump - arrives on outer reaches of solar system.  Spend next 4 days mining a comet, talking to BVP.  

Leaves for Maikaguun

Arrives in Maikaguun.  Discover's Network Lab Ship in orbit around planetary fragment at Maikaguun IV.

Exploration of Maikaguun IV.  Players discover and Ancient manufacturing base that was constructing the equivilient of Space Backhoe's to deconstruct and rebuild the planet.  The remains of a BVP expedition is found on the control room floor.  They are able to circumvent the defenses and explore the base.  Much of it had already been looted by the previous BVP expeditions and the Terran Expedition.  As the players are exploring, the solar flares which had been quite active begin to subside and the facility seems to come back to life.  Player's leave quickly before it can fully activate.  Players decide on a quick return to deliver this information to the Scout Service.

79.10.8 – 79.10.15
Travel from Maikaguun to Udibi

79.10.15 – 79.10.22
Travel from Udibi to Barnett

79.10.23 – 79.10.26
Players report finding to the Scout Service so that the information is not lost, should they perish.  Spend a couple days stocking up on supplies then head into the Wilds.  Ashley needs an extra day so before she can get an appointment with her favorite personal shopper.  Players received a distribution on proceeds for BioComputers

79.10.26 – 79.11.05
Travel from Barnett to Udibi

79.11.05 - 79.11.12
Travel from Udibi to Maikaguun

79.11.13 - 79.11.20
Travel from Maikaguun to Ghana

Players find an old lab ship – very old.  SS Korea misjumped into the system and has been marooned for 70 years.  Find one crew member still alive in stasis.  Capt Phillip Adams is revived and joins the crew.

79.11.21 – 79.11.28
Travel from Ghana to Treber

Players make first contact with Aliens.  Turns out Aliens are human too?  Crew is intially detained on suspicion of terrorism, later released.  Slug enters a fugue state after seeing a toy space alien called Hiver.  Tomi sets a date with Customs Agent Cyris Haddad.

Toni has date with Haddad.  Crew conducts business with Victor von Doll who then introduces them to Roz al Poole.  Steal an invaluable wooden chair from the planetary security chief, then spend a week on yachting – vacation style.

79.12.03 - 79.11.10
Travel from Treber to Whitesheet

Crew locates the jungle world of Whitesheet.  Meets decendants of University research team from Third Imperium.  The year is 1259 using the Third Imperiums calendar.  Crew volunteers to repairs sensor array / combat vlard.

Crew of the Greenbeard destroys vlard threat from orbit, travels to Ancient Temple.

79.12.13 – 79.12.20
Travel from Whitesheet to Zisurar

79.12.21 - 79.12.28
Zisurar - mining and refueling operations at the outermost gas giant

80.01.01 - 80.01.6
Zisurar - travel from outer gas giant to Zisurar Prime

Zisurar Prime – Slug, Tomi, and Fenton are arrested for the murder of Pearle de Vere.  Ultimately release, paint ship yella, flea the system.

80.01.08 - 80.01.15
Travel from Zisurar to Ipidina


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