Overbeam Ltd

>>>>> "Making Safer Worlds" 

Board of Directors: Hong Guo, Thomas Guo, Fa Yutani




39.2 TCr

57.1 TCr

9.49 TCr

Logo Features: Violet ringed planet

Major Subdivisions: Starship Weapons, Heavy Ground Weapons

Owned Subsidiaries: Zhang-Guo Services, Tan-Carter Union, Roberts-Romasko Concepts

History: The company was founded 213 years ago by Yuan Arakaki. At the time, its main business was cryogenics, with 22 employees headquartered in a serviceable office. The company's first main breakthrough was figuring out a method to connect a verteron artificial interference.  The breakthru lead to the company reforming as a weapons manufacturer.  They manufacture 82% of all starship weapons produced in the sector.  Overbeam is based on Ilnuhagaka.

Overbeam Ltd

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