Neural Link

updated 7/8/17:  simplified/added more explaination.

Cook Computer Hardware Neural Link

Experimental Prototypes manufactured by Cook Computer Hardware.  A neural link is a more complex form of neural comm.  A Traveller can access the capabilities of a neural link by thought alone, but it still requires an Electronics (comms) check for complicated activities.  Feed back from the system is presented back as a HUD displayed directly to the retina.  In addition to providing the capabilities of a neural comm, it also allows the computer system access to the Traveller’s nervous system, allowing him to use the experimental integrated wafer jack to grant him physical skills.  A wafer jack is a computer system implanted into the base of the skull that contains a physical data socket and a processor running an interface program. A Traveller with a wafer jack can use Expert programs for tasks relying nearly any task for which program is available. The main benefit of the jack is that it is much smaller and more discrete than a hand computer, and the user can access the Expert program by thought alone. A wafer jack has Computer/2 for Expert programs only, and is always running Intelligence Interface

Mobile Comms
50km range in absence of planetary comms network
Integrated Wafer Jack/8

Travellers may store up to 8 different programs at any given time. 
Expert 3 is always running in the background, leaving Computer/1 for other uses.  Examples:
    - Medic 1, Gun Combat 1 in the Wafer Jack 
    - Translator 1 in the Mobile Comms

Neural Link

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