Brown and Volokh Partnership (BVP)


>>>>> "Championing a New Tomorrow"

Board of Directors: Luke Stolypin, Margaret Ochi, Bohai Yamasaki, Peggy Hoyle, Dr Elsa Schneider, Carter Burk





846 BCr

249 BCr

480 BCr

Logo Features: Orange square

Major Subdivisions: Holography, Biotech, Prisons

Owned Subsidiaries: Warpfarer Incorporated, Watson Projectile Weapons

History: The company was founded 121 years ago by Gillian Narita. At the time, its main business was prisons, with 35 employees headquartered in a serviceable office. The company's first main breakthrough was figuring out a method to modulate a ionic nadion configuration.

Notes: There is a rumor that the company has covert links to a eugenics cult.

Brown and Volokh Partnership (BVP)

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