Starport:  Excellent Quality.  Refined fuel available.  Annual maintenance overhaul available.
Base Codes:  A – Noval Base and Scout Base
Size:  12,800km / 1 gravity
Atmosphere:  Standard.  Breathable
Hydrographics:  70% water
Population:  tens of billions
Government:  Feudal Corpacracy.  Duke Ultra Prime Concepts (UPC)
Law Level:  Machineguns, automatic rifles prohibited.
Tech Level:  13

Barnett is a heavily populated planet ruled by a Dukeship.  CAIN recently removed BVP from that Dukeship and replaced them with UPC after a damaging story was broken by Ashley Madison about Cybernetic work being done in the system.

The primary populated planet in system is unable to support itself.  Foodstuffs from neighboring systems must be imported regularly at great expense.  Barnett is largest center of population and industry in several subsectors and as such is home to a large orbital starport, shipyards, naval bases, and scout bases.


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