Starport:  Routine Quality.  Only unrefined fuel available.  Reasonable repair facilities.
Base Codes:  C – Corsair Base
Size:  9,600km / .840G
Atmosphere:  Thin.  Breathable
Hydrographics:  30% water
Population:  millions
Government:  Corporate.  Earl Cook Computer Hardware
Law Level:  Body pistols, explosives and poison gas prohibited.
Tech Level:  13

Arurshim system contains several gas giants and one rocky world with an orbit placing it near the outer edge of the goldilocks zone.  Significant portions of the world are nothing but frozen tundra.  A temperate band near the equator is home to a series of settlements connected by high speed rail which encircles the world.  Many of these settlements have been abandoned due to piracy.  The population has largely consolidated itself into a few large cities which are easier to police.

Arurshim is a frontier system.  Laws are typically enforced only when they are convenient or when they directly challenge the business of the Earl.


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