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Session 2
Maikaguun III

The good ship Heinlein has identified a landing zone on Maikaguun III. The crew prepares to begin colonization the new world. Some of them, having lived out their entire lives on a hive world, subtly ask Erk Eriksson for a sedative – having never before seen grass or trees.

Employment Contract crib sheet:

Pick up supplies at Arurship and transport them to Maikaguun. Return to Arurship with initial reports and soil samples.
- 10 scientists
- 10 hab modules
- Gear and equipment
- Communications and Recon Satellites
Locate a suitable location and establish research base. Assist scientists in setting up base, assembling hab modules. Install 6 monitoring stations in surrounding hexes.

Produce holographic brochure of key geographic areas for promotional purposes to recruit colonists.

Ashley Madison Investigation Notes.

Crisis Looms

Investigations by the new ruling authority, Ultra Prime Concepts, reveal the depth of incompetence, perhaps bordering on criminal negligence, of the previous regime. Our home simply cannot feed itself. Without imports starvation would be endemic. Ultra Prime is paying simply to feed the people, but this is a recipe of doom for our economy. Catastrophe looms. (instill panic)

Important figures at Ultra Prime have recognized this worry and are implementing a far-sighted plan to address the situation. At least one possible agri-world has been claimed by Ultra Prime to be developed to solve this problem. A rag-tag team of independent contractors, drawn from a variety of backgrounds has been brought together to explore this new world, the hope for our future. (human interest, character sketches?)

On the planet Arurshim the crew of SS Heinlein pick up their frozen science people (learn some science) and transport them to explore Maikaguun III.

The world is lush and full of potential (see holo), but also has mysteries (archaeology stuff), and dangers (real animals of death!). (extended description for upmarket media source). The heroic crew starts an extensive fact-finding mission while protecting the science people. Fully flushed with excitement our intrepid explorers return with the news to Aroshim.

(separate investigation) Government corruption on Arurshim Mysterious government contact known only as Jacqueline Q. requests an independent investigation into a "business partner" (personal too?) Jennifer Quallare. Insinuation of possibly shady rewards. Subject located on Aroshim surface at remote mountain villa. J.Q. wants the "problem" to go away. Ashley Madison will investigate this wherever it goes to bring the truth to the people.

Session 1

The game begins in Barnett. Everyone has just left their careers and thrown in their lots with Mr. Henry Jones Jr. Henry has convinced everyone that with a ricketty old lab ship, and the spirit of adventure – there is fortune and glory to be had amongst the stars. 

Incoming transmission from Vice President Alana Van Straten , Director of Risk Management – Ultra Prime Concepts….

Erik Erikkson recap:

So after meeting everyone in our old lab ship, we got a message from Ultra Prime about a job. The next morning we head over and are tasked w taking 10 scientists and their habitat modules to a possible Agri-world. On accepting the job and some thorough deliberation we decide to trade in our oversized vessel for something a bit more manageable.

Thanks to an old friend of Cobb's we head over to a naval base and discuss potentially buying a re-purposed ship. After calling a local shady used ship dealer we offloaded our lab ship w some profit and bought our new ship.

We came out 5M credits ahead and used some of that money to buy an ATV plus upgrades, 6 high end Vacc suits, weapons for those who need them, a robotic ship corgi, and plenty of good food and fuel for the yet to be named vessel.

We have since made 4 jumps, 2 gas giant refuels, 1 purchased refuel, conned our way away from BVP, gained some piloting experience, picked up the scientists and landed on Maikagunn 3 at hopefully a prime location for our guests.


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