Ashley Madison


Stats: 688ACC
Skill Training in Progress: Persuade 2

Advocate 1
Art (Holo 1)
Astrogration 1
Carouse 0
Deception 1
Diplomat 0
Drive 0
Wheeled 1
Electronics 0
Gambler 0
Investigate 0
Persuade 1
Pilot 0
Profession 0
Recon 0
Science 0
Seafarer 0
Steward 0
Survival 0
Vacc Suit 0

Allies: Ultra Prime Concepts (UPC)
Enemies: Brown and Volokh Partnership (BVP)
Contacts: Jin Nabeshin

Neural Link
– Personal Trainer (Pursuade 2)
– Medic 1
– Gun Combat 1
– Universal Translator 3
Subdermal Armour Augment TL 11

Operators Body Pistol
5xGauss Rifle TL 12
5xAccelerator Rifle TL 9
C5,000 worth of ammo, which I assume is essentially unlimited.
5xStunner TL 12 + Energy packs
50xFrag Grenades
50xStun grenades

Combat Armour TL 12

Other Equipment
Medic Kit TL 12
Drugs, Anti-Rad 10 doses
Combat 50 doses
Panacea 50 doses
Slow 10 doses
Binoculars PRIS TL 12
Science Toolkit TL 12


Ashley Tiffany Chelsea Madison was born and raised in a well appointed luxury home within sight of the Bushy Cleft Golf and Yacht Club. The youngest of three daughters Ashley was generally thought of as a sweet and gregarious child, which she used to great effect. She was always Daddy’s little girl, spoiled and pampered, but an experience as a teenager changed her view on the world.
A son of one of the crew for Daddy’s smaller yacht invited her to a party at his friend’s house. She waited patiently but no limousine arrived for her. Eventually she became so irate she ordered one for herself from the club using Daddy’s Topaz Card and arrived at the address. Once she had worked out that the location was a house rather than a garden shed she went in to the party. Long conversations with the people at the party opened her eyes to the fact that people had to work in order to live even in such a place as this, if people didn’t work they literally wouldn’t be able to eat! It was also the night she realized that she could misbehave with minimal consequences, but Bobby was a complete liar, she never would have done such a thing with a boy with dirty fingernails.
The next day Ashley decided that she wanted to do something important, to be someone who opened up people’s eyes to the suffering in the world. Ashley Madison was going to be an investigative journalist, and to do any good she would have to be a very famous one.
She attended the college that Daddy suggested for a full year, greatly enjoying the greek life at Pi Rho Mu sorority, but finding the constant criticism from her so-called “teachers” unnecessarily negative.. She left to start as an independent journalist, trusting in her natural abilities and after only six years she got her first big break. While investigating possible local drug and gambling problems among the poor she met Erik Eriksson, a brilliant medical scientist who was being forced to go along with unethical research by a Big Corporation. Together they broke the story which brought down the leadership of the company, and Ashley Madison had made it.
She became employed at the Engram Report successfully producing a series of hard-hitting stories that delved into the machinations of the anonymous puppet masters of the large corporations, including one that won her the prestigious Wurlitzer Prize. Unfortunately one of her investigations hit too close to home for her editor who faked evidence that Ashley was stealing the work of her colleagues. She immediately quit and returned to the life of an independent journalist, piecing together the connections between the criminals at the top and the criminals at the bottom. It was in this area that she met Jin, and that’s where the story really begins…

Ashley Madison

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