The Network

Session 3

The Jaqueline Q dilemna

Incoming Transmission…. Attn: Ashley Madison: An audit of the images you provided have shown some alarming irregularities regarding the records for the property in question. This little problem is far more serious than I anticipated. I need all records on that site recovered and delivered to me immediately. The site should then be sterilized. Be discrete. …Message purged.


After some discussion – the crew decides to 'borrow' a work van from the slums of Settlement 53.  Dressed as a cleaning crew some of them ring the doorbell at the estate while the other try to disable the security systems.  Their target is immediately wise to what is happening and immediately makes a run for it.  She bolts thru to the back the house and leaps from a second floor balcony, landing expertly, she continues running for a garage in back withoug missing a step.  As the crew some around the side of the house, they manage to tempt her into a fight.  She turns out to be a master in martial arts but the crew is able to knock her unconscious.  Jin finds a G-Bike in the garage and makes it his own.

The group cleans the house, assembles documents and other evidence still present in the house.  It was clear that she was not only skimming money from her partner, but was in fact conducting corporate espionage on behalf of BVP.  They make contact with JQ, turn over the materials as well as their unconsious spy the following day.  JQ rewards them with everyone in the group with an experimental Neural Link being developed by Cook Computer Hardware.

The party packs up and heads back to Barnett for the next phase of their mission.  They make contact with Sallah provides them with some intel on odd things happening with Navy contracts.  All new ships are being outfitted with enormous amounts of compute power.  Far more than would ever be needed unless you were trying to automate the entire ship.  Further, many of the ships were being ordered to a system Coreward even though they hadn't been finished.  Sallah offers to install an experimental holographic bridge on the Heinlein.  It will give them enhanced reaction times during emergency situations.



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