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Session 8

Back to Barnett

GM Recap

The session opened with the crew of both vessels underway to Barnett.  The crew of the Naughtia arrived a few days earlier.  On their journey, they cataloged the salvage discovered on board the infected merchant vessel.  The contents were 12 (TL12) Neural Comms and 28 tons of illegal drugs.  On arriving in Barnett, Tomi made use of her underworld contacts to find a buyer with deep pockets.  They decided to sell 27 tons of the drugs, keeping one back for themselves.  They also sold 10 of the Neural Comms and had the other 2 installed.  All told, they netted just just shy of 3,000,000 credits after paying for ship maint, and the like.  They delivered data cores recovered from their mission to the Scout service and are told to wait a few days while it is analyzed.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Heinlein reminisced about their brief holiday on Udibi.  Erik E. took a contract position with BVP to get their new computer manufacturing division online and running.  As a parting gift, he used company resources to outfit the crew with some experimental cybernetics that had started human trials:  Terminal Stabilization System will immediate inject a cocktail of drugs into a person who's vitals reflect that their endurance has dropped below 0, giving them an immediate boost of +6.  Cobb, master of dexterity, broke and arm riding a giant sandworm.  The crew also speculates on what 'big story' Ashley Madison had stumbled upon and looks forward to finding out the details when they meet again on Barnett.  Since Erik had left the crew, a new quartermaster was needed.  Fenton Cobb, the crew member with a gambling problem, was wisely elected.

When the crew of the Heinlein arrives in Barnett, they make arrangements to meet Ashley Madison for coffee at a GalaxyBucks in orbit.  Their they are introduced to Tomi and Slug.  Tomi had somewhat recently purchased ship shares in the Heinlein from the Heinlein's former crew member, Frankie – small galaxy indeed!  

Both crews, finding themselves a bit bored, get into a bit of trouble.  Tomi experiments with the illegal drugs and ODs.  They all head back to the Heinlein for medical treatment.  She is revived with some interesting effects.  Additional investigation may reveal what the drug may do in more controlled dosages.

Ashley and Slug head back to the Naughtia to 'collaborate'.  Ashley is seen arriving the next morning back on the Heinlein in her same clothes.  

Everyone heads to the shipyards to see Sallah.  He is very interested in 'saving the universe' but is still a company man and negotiates a very shrewd and lucrative contract between UPC and the Heinlein.  He states that it will take at least several days to install the biocomputer in their ship.  The crew is left with a few days to kill while the install is done.  They are also waiting for word back from the Scout Service as well as the formal meeting between representatives from the major corporations in the sector.


When we arrived at Barnett, I begged Slug to let me take a shot at offloading that massive haul of space cocaine rather than sharing a cut of the profits with some blackmarket dealer (who probably only studied drugs offloading in an institution instead of in the great wide). I’ve never had so much credits within my grasp and was surprised by how greedy just the thought made me.

Speaking of surprises, I had no idea that I could actually pull this off. Apprarently my life investment in double-agenting and pirating has paid off among rogues and derelicts. While I may not have their respect, I do have their trust when it comes to underbelly hobnobbing. I did nuts good. (Hey, Dad, I’m fucking rich right now. I can’t even….)

So yeah, I was feeling high off the unexpected success, and Slug was liberal in the profit sharing and the leftover space coke share. He’s a pretty cool dude (with unfortunately predictable taste in women). When we got back to the station, all the normals kept talking about normal shit, and I was geeking on my fading adrenaline rush. So I decided to mix some of that space sparkle in my GalaxyBucks double shot dirty chai to up my pleasure or at least end my discomfort (which it turns out accomplished both).

Well, I don’t remember much after that except that I woke up in a med bay and it seems that these people (I’m talking mostly normal people! some even supernormal!) had decided to save my life. So yeah, speaking of surprises, that one really got to me.

So even though this crew is all about putting their lives on the line to save the universe and even though they talk to sciency people about sciency stuff, I feel like they may actually look out for me which is a new thing I might kind of like. So I might as well stick around at least until things go upsidedown and then of course I can jet like usual.

Session 8

Ashley Madison professional journalist notes.

Returned from the Lagar system where vital intel was obtained at great risk. The virus is spreading rapidly causing destruction in the most remote of places. Humanity must be saved and this reporter will stop at nothing to see this achieved.

Returned to the Heinlein in Barnett, which is fortunately still free of the infection but completely aware of the dangers. This reporter a vital component in the spreading of cutting edge, alien technology that just might make the difference.

Upon hearing rumors of societal panic this reporter went undercover into the depths of the criminal underworld. Used the unsavory knowledge and demeanor of the help to do “at the coal face” original reporting into illicit drugs plaguing the unwashed dregs of society.

This scourge is so pervasive that the female help, is it Tommy? Tammy? I’m always so distracted by that haircut, I mean, please! Anyway, she gobbled away at some weird drugs and needed medical treatment. What a loser. It was all so sad, so troubling that this reporter needed to shower repeatedly. For some reason the male one who calls himself, “Slug” keeps grinning.

Everything is moving too slowly. Humanity needs to bond together to defeat the greatest threat it has ever known. This waiting for the bureaucrats to manage to be in the same room is infuriating. We need common heroes to step forward from all of humanity, from the pinnacles of science to those fighting the drug-cursed demons of their past, I believe that the crew of the Heinlein are those sorts of heroes.

Session 8

Man, what a haul! I was hoping we had looted some good stuff, but never would have thought we would get that much space coke! Of course, there was no way I could sell ALL of it… you never know when you might need a little pick-me-up.

Once again I am happy to count Tomi as a friend, she was phenomenal at discretely selling off the 27 tons! I’d like to say I feel rich now, but the god damn ship payments are KILLING me. At least I don’t have to worry about that for another 3 months.

I’m not so sure what I think of the rest of the crew of the Heinlein. The captain seems a little hesitant when it comes to making decisions, and I’m fairly certain he is not fond of me. Especially after I tried to take over the deliberation with Lawrence of Arabia. Still, I’m glad they saved Tomi – we’ve been through so much together, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Fenton seems alright, but there’s something ‘off’ about him I can’t quite place.

But hey, at least I got to bang Ashley Madison in a coke fueled binge! I knew she couldn’t reject me forever, who cares if it took chemicals.

Speaking of chemicals…. while I’m waiting to hear if there are new orders….

Session 8

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