The Network

Session 6

Return to Maikaguun III

GM Recap

The crew decided to head for Barnett for the next phase of the contract with Ultra Prime and to visit their buddy the computer specialist, Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir and possibly get this new computer integrated with the ship.  They elected to bring all their recently found tech from the underground lab and stow it in the hidden shielded compartments on board.  On their way thru Arurshim they noticed most of the ships were gone or leaving the system.  It appeared as though many of the staff of the starport had evacuated the system for reasons unknown.  The crew elected to press on toward Barnett.  

Arriving in Udibi they were headed toward a gas giant to refuel when a hyper accelerated ship swinging thru the gas giant hit them with a tight beam communications laser.  They started loosing control of all ships systems when the experimental holographic bridge crashed.  Both ships lost power.  Jayne was able to quickly bring things back online, they found 2 people had left the other ship and were making their way toward the Heinlein.  The crew secured the 2 people who were in a complete panic.  They reported that an intelligent virus had completely taken over the ship computer systems.  They were effectively prisoners onboard for the last month.

A BVP destroyer and 3 small fighters came on the scene as soon as the 2 people from the other vessel had come on board.  They immediately destroyed the other vessel as soon as it was in range.  They then ordered the Heinlein to follow the escort.  Any attempt to communicate using a high band transmission would result in their immediate destruction.  

They were then led to a very large rickity prison barge.  The Alkatraz.  

Hull class 300,000.  Looks like it's a zillion years old and might have accidentally crashed into a moon or two.  There is a greenish gas which intermittently vents  They are given orders to dock midships.  Cobb, gazing through a viewport mentions – 'what a flaming piece of shit, how is that thing even still space worthy'.  Jin is quite familiar with this prison.  It's reputation is legendary in the underworld.  No one leaves, ever.  Conditions are rumored to be pure hell, but no one knows for sure since no one has ever been released.  Largely political dissidents and military prisoners.

Docking, the crew is disarmed and escorted inside.  The interior was not as expected.  Gleaming, polished and sofisticated looking.  No evidence of anything resembling a prison inside.

The are brought to a door labeled The Obi Wan Room and escorted inside.  The room was cavernous, it had trees growing inside, a garden, rocks and waterfall features.  At the center sat a stone conference table at which were seated two of the crews largest adversaries:  Loe Che, Dr. Else Schneider.  

After threats of torture, a discussion takes place.  They learn that CAIN was infected by an intelligent virus quite some time ago.  It has been quietly building an armada coreward of the sector.  A few months ago that armada launched.  Any ship that comes in contact with the armada is either infected and joins the viral fleet, or is destroyed.  Most of the systems coreward of their location have now fallen.  It's genocide.  They believe the the biological based computer is the secret to resisting infection by the virus, but they had not been able to produce anything usable.  They had found the same source technology as the Humaniti scientists in Maikaguun but hadn't had the years and years of research required to even begin reverse engineering.  The lower tech versions discovered by the crew could be exactly what is needed.

Business is business.  The crew negotiated to sell 87 (all but 20) of the biocomputers computers to BVP along with the plans and scans they obtained from the Humaniti base.  The crew will be compensated with a 5% cut of all future sales.



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