The Network

Session 5

Maikaguun III - Research Facility

Opening Scene

The crew begins the session in an underground lab. Cobb, tripped over his own feet trying to open the door to a vault, and faceplanted onto the security keypad. By sheer chance his face happened to make contact with the right sections of the pad in the right order. The door opened revealing 3 black globes, 107 bio-computers. 1 similar bio-computer that appears to be far more advanced than the other 107, and a weird looking glove which bonded to Daphne's skin when she equipped it.

GM Recap

The crew continued explore the facility.  They found a room that housed a room that housed a reactor, charging stations for the robots, various other mechanical systems for the facility, and a computer system.  The reactor was damaged, Cobb tried to repair it but only caused further damage (in addition to dosing everyone in the room with 100 rads).  A lift going up a very long tunnel was also located.  

The crew decided to run back to Arurshim for reactor parts so that they could get the facility up and running again.  After two weeks in space and another week making repairs the the reactor, they are able to power up the facility.

When power is restored, the security alarms immediately start going off.  Daphne walks by a very large weapon emplacement.  Luckily it is designed to fire down the main hallway towards the entrance and not down the adjoining hallways.  Henry manages to pull off a minor miracle and hack the computer system gaining access to the facilities, he was unable to gain control of the security systems but was able to lock the weapon emplacement to some degree which reduced it's target anything but what was directly in front of it.  Daphne slipped underneath the emplacement and dodged fire enough to cut the power using her <s>shiney new</s> black really really old bracer.

Jin used his G-bike to take the trek up the long tunnel up into the mountain.  Everyone else took the lift which now has power.  The tunnel ran several km gaining altitude as it twisted and turned.  Eventually it ended up near the top of the mountain and opened up into a cavernous hangar.

Inside they find some fuel tanks, various bits of equipment, small maint droids that have been dead for millenia, and a heavy fighter – approximately 70 tons.  The fighter has much of its guts on the deck as they were trying to integrate new systems – a weapon and bio computer.

The hangar was large enough to accommodate a 1000 hull class vessel.  The roof of the hangar is solid rock but has the equipment in place necessary to open – the top of the mountain can swing open allowing a vessel to enter or leave the hanger.  When closed, even the most determined scan will find nothing but rock.  Apparently whoever built this facility was really into security and privacy.

Ashley Madison Investigation Notes

I think something big is going on here.

Item #1 Sudden appearance of military base under direct Kane control producing high grade military tech.

Item #2 Massive increase of Executive Orders by Kane.

Item #3 Direct intervention in control of planetary systems

Item #4 Weird computer stuff involved with Kane

Provisional conclusion: A serious, high technology military threat has been discovered. Kane is preparing for this confrontation and is seriously alarmed by the technology level of the threat. Also preparing for dramatic increase in citizen unrest to be met with strong authoritarian response.

Questions: What is the threat? How much danger is this? What exactly is Kane's response? Is the release of information helpful or harmful to the people?

Item A Unexplored planet suitable for life.

Item B Evidence of ancient alien culture and it's destruction from major impacts from space. Asteroid? Military attack?

Item C Discovery of high level alien tech in hidden location.

Questions: Is this alien technology from the same source as the new threat? What does it do? Who owns this tech? Ultra Prime? Us? Could it be useful in Kane's defense plans? Is there more of it on this planet? What happened to the civilization that built it?

The Aftermath

With the facility now powered up and the security protocols on the computer systems miraculously compromised, the crew is a able to access to a number of programs and records on the system. First, an inventory of the system shows the following programs present:

- Translator /1
- Universal Translator /4 (TL14)
- Security /2
- Decryptor /3 (TL14)
- Database /1
- Computer /3 (TL13)
- Profession (manufacturing)/3

The system itself is specialized for translating and decoding alien languages in support of the activities there. After Henry bypassed the security protocols, he was able to extract and replicate the core program of the system.  Further, utilizing the facilities computer system, you could start manufacturing additional bio computers or reprogram the robots to do some other type of task.
(everyone can add Translator /1 to the computer running their Neural Link)

Ashley Madison elbows Henry out of the console chair and begins her investigations. A few of the other crew members attempt to access the system as well but find themselves the object of a stream of curses and long lectures before being sent to retrieve a Skinny Soy Chai Mocha Acai Half Whip Latte.

Ashley's investigation is quite fruitful. She is able to determine that the facility was constructed by a government known as 'The Second Imperium' based out of a planet called Terra. While there are no star maps present, there are references that indicate this installation was constructed far spinward of Terra, off the beaten track of an established trade route to another government known as "The Two Thousand Worlds". Based on Ashley's best reckoning, ~3000 years ago they were ordered to scuttle the base and return to the Imperium for reasons unknown. Apparently the scientists conducting the research disobeyed orders and only scuttled the coastal facility.

The facility itself was constructed to try and reverse engineer artifacts recovered from a nearby site, location unspecified. These artifacts were manufactured by a race they refer to as 'The Ancients'. Apparently, this race lived ~300,000 years ago and achieved an extremely advanced level of technology. Terrifyingly advanced. During their time, they were believed to have seeded the galaxy with the primitive natives of Terra which they refer to as Humaniti. At some point, the Ancients disappeared but the decedents of Humanti continued to evolve and ultimately develop technology of their own.

At this point, Ashley Madison faints as she realizes she could be breaking the biggest story since, well, ever. Erik, shaking his head, administers a stim and asks her to skip to the sciencey bits…

Information available on recovered artifacts is as follows:

Assassins Brace: Stats and nature – you already know. They did conduct and store a number of high resolution scans of the object, but seemed to stop research after those scans were completed in order to focus on the other artifacts recovered from the vault. Incidentally, there is a scanner in the computer/reactor room. While it's a completely alien design, the technology isn't radically different than what Erik had access to at BVP. The scanner could be integrated with a medical diagnostics table with a little engineering work (it's not something you can carry around) When utilized, it could give some bonuses to rolls on certain types of activities at the referee's discretion.

Black Globes: They believe it is some kind of shield designed for use in starships. They accidentally activated the one found by the crew in the spherical indention. When they switched it on a spherical energy shield emanated from the globe which vaporized everything in it's path out to a radius of several meters – this included a robot, a table, and part of the floor. They were unable to penetrate the shield in order to turn it off. It was still active with the facility was abandoned.

Ancients Site: Very little is mentioned regarding the Ancient's site. Mention is made, however, that it was secure and not normally approachable. They were only able to recover these few artifacts due to some sort of temporary power loss caused by a solar flare. While the location was not explicitly listed, Ashley believes the site to be in the Maikaguun system.

Bio computer: This was the focus of most of their research while the installation was operational.
While the technology in the recovered source computer was ridiculously far in advance of what they were able to reproduce – or even fully understand, they were able to extract some valuable lessons on construction techniques and materials which they then applied to the a new design of their own. The new computers being developed were thought to be at least one order of magnitude more powerful than anything they had been able to produce thus far with the added benefit of being extremely lightweight as well as secure. That security was desperately needed as they increasing had border disputes with a race called the Vargr, who had technology able to disrupt the systems of Imperial vessels.

<<—   Begin July 2017 updates  —>>
GIG Fighter, 20t – (High Guard p86.)  
Hullpoints:  8
Thrust 7G (gravimetric) (14 power)
Armor 0
Power Plant: 30
Fuel: 1
1 turret (1 ancient weapon (not installed)
Cargo: 6.6 Tons
Crew 2 (pilot/gunner)

Computer and power plant removed and in pieces at the facility. 
Computer (25) is one of the biological based systems being constructed here.
    – Library, Manouevre/0, Fire Control/5 , Evade/3
     * note, unable to run all programs at full capacity at the same time.

<<—   End July 2017 updates  —>>

Energy weapon: An energy weapon was recovered from the Ancient site. They mounted it to the fighter in the hangar bay and tried integrating it into the ships systems but had been unable to get it to work by the time the facility was abandoned. The two pulse lasers have been detached and are in the hangar. Again, while an alien design – they are not that dissimilar from what you are familiar with around The Network. This craft is not terrifically advanced by your standards – just different.



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