The Network

Session 4

Square Pigs

Incoming Transmission…

Mr. Jones, we appreciate your partnership in conducting research on Maikaguun III.  The preliminary results shown in your reports are quite impressive.  The board has authorized the immediate initiation of colonization activities.  We are in the process of securing a Super Hauler, but it's unlikely we will be able secure usage of any vessel over 100,000 tons in less than a year.  For this reason we would like you to jump start colonization activities by transporting a seed base to prepare the way. 

We have also petitioned CAIN for additional rights beyond that of our original Agricultural Contract.  Until that is complete, please do not discuss with any outside parties the bounties available on this new world.

Please see the below for a manifest.

Return to Colony Site with 150t of additional equipment.

Fusion Reactor w/fuel processors, needs a water supply.  30 ton
2 Air/Rafts (1 cargo, 1 personnel)
4 G-bikes
1 ATV  (all vehicles together 18 tons)
Cargo container with kit to assemble greenhouse building – 10t
Cargo container with kit to assemble barn – 10t
Cargo container with lab equipment – 10t
Unassembled Hab Shelters:  15  – 15t
Food, feed, misc gear:  (3x 10ton cargo container)

Personnel:  (17 tons)

1 Colony Administrator (not frozen, will require a cabin)   Jarl Backe
6 Security
4 Engineer/Mechanics
6 Scientists
18 Professionals (farmers, botanists, etc)


20 square pig (5 ton) (not frozen)
Chicken incubators/hatcheries (5 ton)

Compensation Schedule:  1.2 million

GM Recap

The Heinlein does not have sufficient cargo capacity to make this run in one trip.  The crew elects not to invest in cargo pods, instead saving their credits for other upgrades to the ship.  They make arrangements to pack up the Reactor, Livestock, and a few vehicles and make there way back to Maikaguun III.  The guy running docks states that it will take several days before their cargo is ready to be loaded.  Some of the more highborn members of the crew try to negotiate but the union man, Finn McGee, is insulted.  Cobb is able smooth things over, but it will still take a few days.

While the crew is waiting they have an encounter in a space station bar.  They witness a yakuza type group execute someone in the bar (beheaded by katana).  The boss tips the bartender a 100 credits and apologizes for the mess.  The crew (wisely) keeps their heads down and doesn't interfere.  The crew also manages to pick up some scattered intelligence about happening in The Network.  When the crew returns to the Heinlein their are immediately greeted by the robo-corgi – Ein.  Ein sends a video feed that shows an intruder breaking into the Heinlein and walking past Ein's inverter mat in the ships gally.  The time stamp was just a few minutes prior.  The intruder has some predator style camoflage and is very difficult to see.  It was heading toward the bridge. 

The crew is able to trap the intruder in the front part of the ship but is hesitant to engage in combat.  They end up asking Ein to engage a ships security system.  Ein responds by temporarily increasing the gravity in the front portion of the ship manifold.  The intruder drops dead – he had a suicide capsule that broke under the increase gravity.  The armor immediately drops off the intruder on death.  They are able to tell that the mans name is Othi Jabir and that the suit was manufactured by BVP.  It has biological components that graft themselves to skin when worn and receives it power directly from the wearers body.  On death the suit released itself.  Requires Vac Suit 1 skill to wear.  Multiple components – arms, legs, chest, etc.  Armor is powered by the biological link to the user.  Can run indefinitely, however the operator's daily nutritional requirements increase 4 fold.  Missing a meal = instant Fatigue.  Every hour of fatigue = -1 temporary Endurance Damage.  Daphne equips the armor and is immediately hungry.  The crew finds that the intruder had been going thru ships records on Maikaguun III and had zoomed in specifically on a small island.

The crew collects it's cargo and sets off for Maikaguun III.  They drop off the cargo with the scientists, who are fine but complain about the square pigs.  They then head on to investigate the island.  They note one of the rivers is unnaturally straight.  At the mouth, they find the remains of structure – long since destroyed.  It appeared to have been destroyed by some sort of orbital attack.  The river is found to actually be a subway that has partially collapsed and filled with water.  They trace the river back to a mountain where it appears to run underneath.  They use their ATV run the rest of the submerged subway system and find the entrance to a base.

They manage to gain entry to the base and find that it clearly hasn't been disturbed or utilized in thousands of years.  8 robots are found in work rooms constructing some sort of biological based computer.  All frozen in time at the point where they ran out of power.  Erik recognizes some of the components as similar to work he was being asked to do with BVP earlier in the year.  The crew also locates a vault with a number of other artifacts present.



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